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Welcome to the High Flyer Wrestling  Newsletter.

This Newsletter was created to provide news, event updates, and our planned schedule on everything that High Flyer Wrestling is doing. This Newsletter is updated every week which, provides a quick and easy way for you to stay up to date and get the latest information wherever and whenever you need it.

On behave of all the representatives at High Flyer Wrestling we thank you for  browsing the products , and putting us first to take care of all your wrestling and apparel needs.  If you are new to our company or wrestling and would like to receive our Newsletter by e-mail, please complete the sign up form below or send us an e-mail at travis.evans@grandview.edu.

This weekend High Flyer Wrestling will be at two locations.  We are trying to hit all of our consumers so we will be traveling with the Grand View wrestling team.  On Saturday we go to South Dakota and will have a tables set up with all of our products and your wrestling needs.  This is a good way to get our name out there and be apart of all the wrestling in the Midwest.  On Sunday we will be at the Iowa State Open with Grand View’s top wrestlers.  This is a good way to hit local teams and teams from afar.  This is just the beginning of the wrestling season, hope to see you there!

 For questions, comments, or to request additional information about upcoming events and news proceed to the Contact  page to communicate directly with Bret, Greg, or Travis.

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